2016 Film Festival

Dreamspeakers International Film Festival takes place September 23-28, 2016 with films and videos along with workshops, panel discussions and dialogues, this year will be a visual and auditory treat for film enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.


Submissions for the 2016 Film Festival are now open. You can download the submission forms in PDF or Word formats, or submit on Film Freeway.

Only those selected to be screened in the 2016 Film Festival will be notified.

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*Workshops are subject to change before August 31

Please complete the following form for your choice of Community Dialogue, Panel Discussion or Workshop. Your participation will make an important impact for future community, film and festival goers!

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Ticket prices are shown. Payment can be made prior to the festival online at metrocinema.org or at the Metro Cinema.

All screenings $12

All Access Festival Pass is $75

Friday, September 23rd
Saturday, September 24th
Sunday, September 25th
Monday, September 26th
Tuesday, September 27th
Wednesday, September 28th
Thursday, September 29th