Walk of Honour

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walkofhonourAs CEO of the Dreamspeakers Festival Society, Helen Calahasen knows many aboriginal leaders in the arts and media sectors whose trail-blazing work often goes unrecognized. That’s why Dreamspeakers holds a Walk of Honour every year at Beaver Hills House Park on Jasper Avenue and 105th Street. (The park’s name is a translation of the Cree name for Fort Edmonton.) The celebration honours leaders who have brought a new understanding to the cultures, traditions and languages of Canada’s aboriginal people. It’s one of the few times that aboriginal heritage is honoured in the city, despite a sizable urban aboriginal population: The last census in 2006 counted more than 50,000, but that number is now thought to have swelled to nearly 80,000. The walk’s impact is widespread, Calahasen says. “It’s so important not only to the aboriginal community, but to the community at large.” – John Lucas photo / Edmonton Journal

Neka’new’ak “the one’s who led the way”

The Walk of Honour has been created as a tribute to those Aboriginal artists who have blazed trails in the film industry. It is intended to be a lasting legacy to recognize their efforts and hard work at bringing a new understanding to the varied cultures, traditions, languages and artistic expressions of Aboriginal People in Canada.

Walk of Honour

Beaver Hills House Park (105 St & Jasper Ave) is the new home of the “Walk of Honour”

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