Let your dreams speak for themselves



When the first Dene filmmaker returned home to Canada’s Northwest Territories, his people had no words for his new art. They call it ‘Dreamtalking’


Edmonton, Alberta becomes the site of an international gathering of our own Dreamtalkers: filmmakers, performers and artists. Indigenous people from around the globe gather to share their common bond, a linkage with of a natural world whose harmonies and rhythms are being forgotten by those that came later.

Dreamspeakers International Film Festival provides a venue for Dreamtalkers and offers a unique exploration into Aboriginal cultures from all parts of the globe.


Youth Day

We empower young Aboriginal artists to express their creativity, entertain audiences and share their visions.  


Rubaboo Arts Festival

Rubaboo is recognized as a Métis-Michif language word, meaning a stew or a soup trappers use to make on the trap line. Rubaboo is a philosophy about what sustains us; it’s about feeding the spirit, about thriving; a rich dished filled with all good things, thus the Rubaboo Arts Festival.

It is a multi-disciplinary arts festival, showcasing Aboriginal theatre, music, dance, art, food, family and youth events, artist workshops, cultural workshops and Aboriginal crafts. It has a mandate to develop new artistic works and present these works in progress during the festival.