Our mission statement

The Dreamspeakers Festival Society supports and educates the public about Aboriginal culture, art & heritage

It is a resource for Aboriginal filmmakers, for directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, technicians, actors, musicians, storytellers, artists and craftspeople. The Society is also a resource bank - a way to get in touch with Aboriginal filmmakers, performers and artists. And through Dreamspeakers, Aboriginal people receive training in arts, culture and festival operations. 


Board of Directors


Robb Campre



Arsan Buffin

Vice President




Beverly Allard



Jonathan Collins

Board Member


Donna Bedard

Board Member


Lese Skidmore

Board Member


Dream Team


Christine Sokaymoh Frederick

Executive Director

Christine Sokaymoh Frederick is an urban Aboriginal Cree-Métis residing in Edmonton, Alberta. She is co-founder and the artistic director of Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and produces the annual Rubaboo Festival and the Executive Director of the Dreamspeakers Film Festival. She is the first Indigenous Associate Artist of the Citadel Theatre, and the first indigenous board member of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. She is former chair of the Edmonton Arts Council and former Vice Chair of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Christine served on the steering, working and selection committee for the ÎNÎW River Lot 11 one of the first Indigenous Public Art Parks in the world. She is the recipient of the 2007 Esquao Award in Arts, and the 2016 Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Artistic Leadership.



Doreen L. Cardinal

Assistant Producer

Doreen L. Cardinal is Assistant Producer with the Dreamspeakers Film Festival and Rubaboo Arts Festival. Founder of Youth Day for the Dreamspeakers International Film Festival in 2005 she is always seeking innovative ways to promote youth in the arts. She is editor of AWE (Aboriginal Women Everywhere) MAG. Her 30 plus years experience of work is in communications, writing, administration, coordination, planning, development, programming and graphic design.  Doreen is the recipient of the 2007 Esquao Award in Community and a 2017 Jury Member for the Edmonton Arts Council.



Antonio Coello

International Curator

Antonio Coello studied film in Mexico, Spain, and Cuba. His work is dedicated to explore cultural diversity through anthropological observation and sense of humour. He has received several grants supporting his creative work as well as awards to his short films. He is currently working on “Seven Edges”, his first full-length feature film.



– EST 1993 –


About us


The Dreamspeakers Festival Society is a registered non-profit charitable status organization that produces an international festival that celebrates the latest works by Indigenous people's innovation in film, video, radio, and new media, presenting selections of Indigenous works from around the globe since 1993. The festival attracts and connects filmmakers, media artists, programmers, buyers, and industry professionals. The works accepted reflect the diversity of the world's Indigenous nations and illustrate the vitality and excellence of our art and culture.

Our goal remains the same for the past 25 years, which is to connect in a meaningful way, to learn how to be more impactful to the needs of artists and our greater community. The activities we propose will advance our effective strategic planning for years and puts us in a better position to honour the original vision of the Dreamspeakers founders to be a resource for Aboriginal filmmakers, for directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, technicians, actors, musicians, storytellers, artists and craftspeople. We can create more opportunities and make a better impact on arts, culture and our collective identity. And we can do it all here in Edmonton.